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Parent Coaching with Susan Tracy McDaniel, M.Ed.

Parent coaching is an opportunity to examine your own and your child’s behavior and needs. It is not counseling, but rather a highly individualized parenting class.

Parent coaching is available by telephone or Skype. Home or school consultations are also available.

In two-parent families, it is recommended that both parents participate in coaching so that they unify in their parenting methods. Caregivers, grandparents, divorced parents, step-parents, teachers… all could be included in coaching for the benefit of the child. Caregiver training is available.

Short-term coaching may focus on a single issue, but most often, we talk weekly for eight or more weeks, for greater impact. Choose an 8-session package and get one session free.

Sliding-scale fees are available.

Click below to schedule a 30-minute introductory call at no charge, or to make a coaching appointment.

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