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PIFT: Parent-Infant Facilitator Training

Learn how to help give families in your community a great start, by offering a Montessori program. Programs can meet in a school, library, community center, even your home.

Tuition includes the weekend training, unlimited use of the Parent Observation Journal for families in your program, parent education and handouts, and monthly individual mentoring calls.

Upcoming training:


For details and registration, go to

For teacher education, please click here.

Need a speaker? Hosting an event or in-service? 

Speaking topics:

  • Is this Just a Stage? Child development for Parents
  • What Your Child Wants You to Know
  • Diapers and Toileting
  • Nutrition and Food Issues, Picky Eaters
  • Montessori at Home
  • The Importance of Routine: The "No-Nagging" Morning Routine and the "No-Excuses" Bedtime Routine
  • Why Montessori education?
  • Your Challenging Child
  • Or, a topic of your choice


  • The Discipline Toolkit
  • Techniques for Stress Reduction and Anger Management
  • Parent-Infant Facilitator Training (see
  • Prepare to Parent (for expectant and adopting parents)
  • Montessori Observation skills (for parents or educators)
  • Retreat Day or weekend
  • Stress-reduction and Relaxation Techniques including EFT (Tapping)
  • Educator In-service
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