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Visit our Montessori/Godly Play homeschool classroom

Visit Learning Together's Montessori/Godly Play homeschool class for families with children aged infant through elementary. We also share a group potluck lunch.

We are blessed to use a classroom at Montessori School of Long Grove as our Montessori environment. 

To arrange a visit, please RSVP to [email protected] with children's ages, any allergies, and your phone number.

Our Programs - 
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Learning Together Education offers homeschooling classes in the Lake/Cook/McHenry County, Illinois area. Field trips, outdoor exploration, community service, and spiritual growth are included to educate the whole person according to their life stage and unique needs.

Learning Together Education (www.LearningTogetherEducation.org) offers the following local programs for 2018-2019. To visit or reserve a spot please email [email protected]
  • Montessori Prenatal - Offering a prenatal support, teaching relaxation exercises, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or “Tapping”), Respiratory Autogenic Training childbirth preparation, and preparing your home for baby.
  • Infant, Toddler, Early Childhood and Elementary Montessori for Homeschoolers – meeting weekly at the Montessori School of Long Grove - Master teacher Jeff Keiser, a Montessori educator and college instructor in Child Development, experienced with Godly Play, guides children and parents in a Montessori classroom prepared for infants through elementary. Susan Tracy McDaniel assists parents and younger children. Parents are welcome to observe and learn to make and present materials. 
  • Middle School/High School/ Early College Age Wednesdays at Barrington Area Library and out in the community for serving and field trips. If desired, your student can have assignments for the rest of the week at home, and transcript services are available.

Instructor Dr. Bill Marsh has taught philosophy, theology, literature, and world history in a range of settings, ecclesial and academic, for over thirty years.  A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, Christian Bible College, and the University of Chicago, Bill holds master’s degrees in theology and near eastern studies, and a doctorate in philosophy of religion. 

Dr. Marsh is offering two classes on Wednesdays:

The Bible and You:  How Can We Apply the Bible to Our Lives?

Do you want to learn more about the Bible?  Would you like to know better how to apply the Bible’s teachings to your life?  If so, consider The Bible and You.  Using study, reading, and discussion, The Bible and You will combine solid biblical teaching and instruction with intensely practical application.  It will explore, carefully and directly, the many joys and challenges of the Christian faith, and encourage students to, more than ever, make studying the Bible an essential part of their journey with Jesus.  Join us! 

World History:  How have We Come to this Moment?
    • Why are we here?  World History offers a hands-on exploration, examination, and analysis of the many people, events, and ideas that have created the world we share today.  Broad-based and interdisciplinary, World History brings together politics, sociology, economics, literature, art, culture, and religion to give students a holistic view of humanity’s past and its meaning for us today.
    • Year One:  the ancient Near East and Asia; ancient Greece and Rome; the Middle Ages; the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Reformation; the Age of Absolute Monarchy and Global Exploration.
    • Year Two:  the Enlightenment and French Revolution; Nationalism; the Industrial Revolution; Imperialism; World War One, World War Two, and the Russian Revolution; the Cold War and the collapse of Communism; the world today.

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