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Learning Together Education offers homeschooling classes in the Lake/Cook County, Illinois area. Field trips, outdoor exploration, community service, and spiritual growth are included to educate the whole person according to their life stage and unique needs.

Learning Together Education is offering Inter-generational Montessori for young children through adults (parents, teachers, and elders), and middle/high school/college-level, project-based education. For younger children, we offer Montessori, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd/Godly Play activities, in indoor and extensive outdoor environments. For middle school through college-age, we will match students with Christian adult mentors who can challenge and guide their learning. We have mentors who can help students invent and write a patent, start a business, publish a book, produce a play...
Both solitary and group study, indoor and outdoor learning are available according to each student's needs. Prayer, life skills, stress management, personal guidance and gift assessment are unique offerings of this program.
We seek to equip families to continue learning together at home, offering training in the use of Montessori materials, and a lending library of materials.
Out team includes a former college president, a former Wheaton College science professor, an Astronomy researcher from Harvard, a Christian counselor, and Montessori educators. 

If you'd like to be notified of upcoming events and or have questions, please contact admin@learningtogethereducation.org.  

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