Learning Together Education - for parents and educators
Learning Together Education was founded in 1999 by Susan Tracy McDaniel as a local outreach to parents.  Susan now leads workshops internationally and provides parent coaching by telephone or Skype to clients everywhere.  She is assisted by interns and volunteers.  Susan gives some history:  
Dear Parents,
After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in psychology, I was a social worker in a facility for mentally challenged and mentally ill adults.  When I was expecting my first child, I was given the task of writing a history of each client’s life.  I was struck (think bolt of lightning) by the realization that, in case after case, life after life, adult functioning is largely the result of our childhood experiences.  
It was also at this time that I visited a Montessori Parent-Infant program.   I never left!  I was mentored by the retiring teacher, took my first Montessori certification course, and have been leading Parent-Infant programs and parent discussion groups since 1989.
I was applying all I learned from great Montessori teachers.  The techniques of observation, preparation, and prevention of problems worked as well at home as they did in the classroom.  I took more Montessori courses, and finished a Master’s Degree in Education at Loyola College in Maryland. I am currently working toward a PhD in counseling. 
All the books I’ve read and courses I’ve taken are nothing compared to what I’ve learned by observing children, the five in my life, and hundreds of others. 
Although I have enjoyed training and mentoring Montessori teachers since 1993, educating parents is my true passion.  I am grateful for all I’ve learned, and I am compelled to pass it on.
There is no more important work than parenting, and most do it with no training.  It is my vision that parent education will become as widespread as childbirth education, and available to all parents.
In 2008, I was led to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and studied for certification. I use these techniques, usually by phone, with parents, children, and others who seek greater emotional and physical health.
Susan Tracy McDaniel
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